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Welcome to Bible Tattoo! A website devoted to the intelligent and rational discussion about the topic of "God" and tattoos.

What is God and what is a God? What does the word mean? Why would there be only one God, not many, like 16.5 of them or 19? Who cares and should you? And most importantly, why would God possibly care about tattoos and your tattoo? Does God prefer some tattoos over others? How does evolution and science contradict the Bible and how do they compliment one another?

These are just some of the out of the ordinary questions that will be investigated and expounded upon over time on this website. As material is posted on this website, you, the reader are encouraged to read and then send in your feedback. Tell us what you think as well as what you believe should be included and why or removed.

Have you actually ever talked to anyone about any of these questions before and have you ever really thought about these their answers, or are you just like one of the sheep?

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What's New?

April 28, 2007

Bible Tattoo has been redesigned to seriously focus on the topic of "God" and tattoos.

Coming Soon

  • A forum will be installed allowing you to join and start the discussion.
  • A new book about Hebrew lettering tattoos written by Tattoo-logist Joshua Andrews will be coming out shortly and will be featured on Bible Tattoo exclusively!